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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2025 and 2026

Mother’s Day in the UK is often known by its traditional and religious name of Mothering Sunday. This widely held observance always falls on a Sunday and is not a bank holiday.

202530 MarSunMother's Day
202615 MarSunMother's Day
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Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent, usually landing it sometime in March. Traditionally, it is a day on which people visit the church they were baptised in and on which they honour their mother. Both Roman Catholic and Anglican churches in the UK observe Mothering Sunday.

Apart from the church-based activities of Mothering Sunday, Mother’s Day is celebrated in ways similar to celebrations in the US, Australia and elsewhere.

Mother’s Day has become more and more commercialised in recent years, but it’s still primarily a “family time” holiday. It’s common for children to give their mother a gift, flowers, a card, a break from house chores, and maybe some time to rejuvenate at a salon or a spa.

Previous Years

202410 MarSunMother's Day
202319 MarSunMother's Day