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Halloween 2024, 2025 and 2026

Halloween is an annual observance every 31 October in the United Kingdom. It is not an official holiday, but it is an increasingly popular festive event. Though it has modern roots in American popular culture, Halloween’s true origins are in centuries old Celtic and Christian traditions.

202431 OctThuHalloween
202531 OctFriHalloween
202631 OctSatHalloween
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In the UK, Halloween is making greater inroads today than ever before. And in Scotland and Northern Ireland, you find actual roots of the modern Halloween. Nonetheless, only around half of the population observes Halloween, with the other half dead-set against it.

For one thing, Halloween has to compete with Guy Fawkes Day on 5 November. This holiday is somewhat similar in its spookiness to Halloween but commemorates the failed attempt to blow up Parliament and King James I by disgruntled British Catholics centuries ago. Guy Fawkes Day has been losing ground to an Americanised Halloween in recent years.

For those who do celebrate Halloween in the UK, there is little difference from the US version. You see trick-or-treating, costume parties, devouring of mountains of candy, carving of Jack-O-lanterns, and the whole scene.

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