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Skomer Island
Travel Guide – Wales

Skomer Island Travel Guide

The picturesque Skomer Island can be found just off the coast of Pembrokeshire in the western part of Wales. The island is famous for its abundant wildlife and bird watchers in particular will be in their element as they follow the pathways that lead along the coast and into the heart of the nature reserve. Skomer Island also boasts a number of intriguing historic attractions, while people who want to spend the night will find a modern hostel and a range of other amenities for them to make use of.

Things to see and do on Skomer Island

Wooltack Point – Skomer Island, Wales

Wooltack Point hill overlooking Skomer Island Pembrokeshire in West Wales.

Bird watchers who also enjoy messing about in the water should not miss the opportunity to go snorkelling with puffins. Specially snorkelling trips are offered each year in the months of June and July and provide visitors with unique animal encounters including the chance to spot grey seals in their natural environment.

A number of pretty hiking trails run around and through Skomer Island and hiking is a great way to view the island’s famous and abundant bird population. Some of the species that can be viewed by visitors with a keen eye include Eurasian oystercatchers, short-eared owls, great cormorants and common kestrels.

Marloes Sand Beach – Skomer Island, Wales

Woman with dog walking on deserted winter Marloes Sand beach in Pembrokeshire West Wales.

People who want to take a break while working on their tan should head on over to Marloes Sand Beach. The long golden stretch of sand is just waiting for visitors to spread out on and is lined with a good selection of shops, cafes and other amenities, while the water that laps the shore is very inviting.

People who take a trip to Wooltack Bay in the month of September will have the chance to spot seal pups playing amongst the fully grown seals in the large seal colony that can be found there. Wooltack Bay also boasts a pretty stretch of sand where visitors can unwind for a while.

People who want to see Skomer Island in a whole new way can arrange to take the Dale Princess boat tour. The boast sails around the whole of the island at a gentle pace and includes the chance to spot dolphins, porpoise and seal pups.

Climate conditions

Spring is a fantastic time to explore Skomer Island as a large number of flowers such as pink campion and bluebells cover the island at this time of year. There are plenty of bright and warm spring days to enjoy from April onwards, while the heat really gets turned up in the summer and this is also the direst time of the year.