Newport Travel Guide

Situated on the mouth of the River Usk in South Wales, Newport is one of the prettiest cities in the whole of the United Kingdom. A number of large and lovely green zones can be found in the city itself, while Newport is also surrounded by intense natural beauty.

Being a university city, Newport is blessed with a very colourful nightlife scene, while there are also plenty of historical and cultural attractions for visitors to enjoy.

Things to see and do in Newport

Covering an area of ninety acres, Tredegar House and Country Park is open all year round. Strolling through the country park is a great way to unwind on a sunny day, while guided tours of the 17th century manor house are available between April and September.

Tredegar House – Newport, Wales

View of Tredegar House and grounds in Newport, Wales.

Visitors who take the time to stroll along the banks of the gently flowing River Usk will be able to take in the sight of some of Newport’s most impressive landmarks. The remains of the 14th century Newport Castle are set beside the river, while the famous Transporter Bridge also spans the water.

Nature lovers are sure to have fun exploring the Newport Wetland. This large wildlife reserve can be found in the south-eastern part of the city and is a great place to go bird watching as it is home to fine feathered creatures such as oystercatchers, pintails, shelduck and short-eared owls.

RSPB Reserve Newport Wetlands – Newport, Wales

RSPB Reserve Newport Wetlands, near to Newport, Wales, with the sky reflected in the water and lots of grasses and reeds around the edge of the water.

Also known locally as Cefn Flight, the series of Fourteen Locks was completed back in 1799 and runs into a number of embanked pounds, weirs and sluices. Following the footpaths along the locks is an uplifting experience and also provides an insight into the history and culture of Newport.

Taking in a show at the Domain Theatre is a great way to unwind in the evening. The theatre was given a major facelift back in 2005 and faces onto the pretty Emlyn Square. A large number of plays, dance performances, children’s shows and other types of performances are held here throughout the year and there is always something for visitors to enjoy no matter what their taste.

Climate conditions

The weather in Newport is known for being very changeable and several types of weather can often be experienced in the same day. However, this is one of the sunniest parts of Wales and there are plenty of pleasant days to enjoy. The best time to explore is generally between March and May, which is generally the driest time of the year.