Caernarfon Travel Guide

The royal town of Caernarfon can be found in North Wales and has a rich history that dates to pre-Roman times. These days, Caernarfon also offers visitors an insight into the traditional culture of Wales as Welsh is widely spoken by the majority of the town’s people.

Spending time in Caernarfon is sure to be an uplifting experience as the local people are warm and welcoming, while there is a wide range of different types of accommodation options to choose from as well as plenty of amenities including a nightlife scene boasting a good number of traditional Welsh pubs offering live music.

Things to see and do in Caernarfon

Serving as one of Wales’ most important historical landmarks, Caernarfon Castle dates back to the 13th century and was commissioned by Edward I as his seat of government. This is also the birthplace of the first Prince of Wales and a large number of special events and exhibitions are held at Caernarfon Castle throughout the year.

Caernarfon, Wales

View of the historic Carnarvon Castle.

The town is set on a picturesque harbour, which is a great place to take a stroll on a sunny day. This large and lovely harbour is also lined with a good selection of amenities and attractions including shops, restaurants and bars and the creative arts centre known as Galeri & Doc Victoria.

People who want to view the intense natural beauty of Snowdonia National Park in comfort and style can take a ride on the Welsh Highland Railway. A traditional and very powerful gauge steam locomotive regularly departs from Caernarfon and provides visitors with spectacular views all the way.

People who want the chance to unwind in a large and lovely green zone can spend time in Gypsy Wood Park. In addition to plenty of shady spots where visitors can sit and watch animals roaming freely, the park is also home to the largest G Scale railway in the whole of the United Kingdom.

Caernarfon, Wales

Eastgate is a medieval gate through the city walls and a main thoroughfare.

Forming a circuit of more than seven hundred metres around the oldest part of Caernarfon, the medieval town walls feature a path running along the top for visitors to stroll along. The town walls are also set with eight towers that visitors can climb to take in impressive panoramic views of the town and surrounding area.

Climate conditions

Caernarfon features a rather cool climate and rainfall is common throughout the year. While the months of June to August are generally the hottest and driest, spring is also a great time to visit the town and surrounding area, especially from the end of April onwards.