Bala Travel Guide

The charming town of Bala can be found in North Wales on the very edge of the large and lovely Snowdonia National Park.

This is a great place for nature lovers to use as a base while exploring the surrounding area and there is a good range of accommodation options to choose from in Bala as well as shops, restaurants and other amenities, while tour guides can also be found here for those who want to explore off the beaten track a little.

Things to see and do in Bala

Lake Bala – Bala, Wales

Early morning view across lake Bala, North Wales.

Also known as Llyn Tegid, Bala Lake is a great place to unwind for a while and take part in a wide range of different types of water sports. The waters here are particularly clean and clear and are ideal for swimming in, while a number of pretty hiking trails run around the lake.

Another great way to experience the intense natural beauty of this part of Wales is by taking a ride on the Bala Lake Railway. This special narrow gauge railway runs for nine miles along the southern shore of the lake and there are also some charming attractions to discover in the village of Llanuwchllyn where it terminates.

People who have an interest in geology are sure to enjoy exploring the Bala Series, which is a collection of sandstones and dark slates set in a series of beds. Each part of the Bala Series is distinctly different from the rest and in addition to admiring the stones themselves, people who have a keen eye and plenty of patience will be able to catch site of a large number of different types of wildlife.

Bala, Wales

Welsh hill sheep with a red 14 sprayed on its fleece on crest of hill. In the background is Bala Lake.

The hiking trails that run around Lake Bala are generally easy to follow and can be enjoyed by even people who are only moderately fit. There are plenty of scenic spots along these trails where visitors can pause to take photographs, while people who have a strong sense of adventure can hire a local guide who will take them along some of the more challenging trails.

Situated at the very southern tip of Lake Bala, Aran Fawddwy is the one of the highest mountains in the United Kingdom. People who want to experience mountain climbing will find a number of impressive routes to follow, while there are also plenty of enchanting hiking and walking trails to follow along the Aran mountain range.

Climate conditions

Bala is blessed with a maritime climate which means that temperatures tend to be fairly moderate throughout the year. However, rainfall is common throughout the year and the driest month to visit is typically August.