Dundee Travel Guide

The historic city of Dundee is one of the most attractive cities in the whole of Scotland and people who have an interest in local history and culture are sure to be in their element here.

A large number of different types of attractions can be found here including museums, art galleries and vibrant markets, while nature lovers are sure to be in their element when they choose to use Dundee as a base while exploring the surrounding area.

Things to see and do in Dundee

Animal lovers should make sure that they allow plenty of time to explore Camperdown Wildlife Park. A large number of cute and cuddly creatures from around the world can be found here including wallabies, lemurs, brown bears and otters and the enclosures are large and spacious.

War Memorial – Dundee, Scotland

War Memorial on a hill above Dundee in Scotland.

Spectacular views of Dundee and the surrounding area can be enjoyed from the top of the Dundee Law. This large hill can be found to the north of the city centre and is actually an extinct volcano that features a war memorial at the very top.

Pretty pathways run along the banks of the Firth of Tay and this is a great place to take a stroll on a sunny day. This prominent waterway slows into the Victoria Docks, which are home to several large and famous ships such as the RRS discovery at Craig Pier, the North Carr Lightship and the legendary HMS Unicorn.

Tay Rail Bridge – Dundee, Scotland

Tay Rail Bridge looking along its length towards the city of Dundee, Scotland.

With its unique papier-mâché, Mills Observatory is one of the most interesting landmarks in Dundee. Visitors will have the chance to gaze at the stars here and learn more about Scotland’s role in the explorations of Outer Space. the exhibits that can be found here are changed regularly, meaning that there is always something new for visitors to discover.

Broughty Castle – Dundee, Scotland

Broughty Castle was completed in 1495 and stands at the tip of a shallow point projecting into the Firth of Tay from the harbour of the attractive little town of Broughty Ferry, five miles east of Dundee.The castle’s role was to protect Dundee and it was surrounded with batteries of large naval guns.

Dating back to the 15th century, Broughty Castle is set on the Firth of Tay and commands stunning views from its battlements. Visitors are also invited to climb to the top of the tower house that can be found in the heart of the castle that comes complete with four impressive floors that were commissioned by the second Lord Gray, while guided tours are available throughout the year.

Climate conditions

This part of Scotland tends to be rather chilly and damp all year round and visitors should be advised to wrap up warm and bring an umbrella even in the summer months, the best time to visit is generally between June and August, when there are plenty of warm and sunny days to enjoy and rainfall is typically at a minimum.