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Travel Guide – Northern Ireland

Craigavon Travel Guide

Situated in the north of County Antrim, the town of Craigavon is set next to a large and lovely lake. People travel here from all over the United Kingdom and beyond to take part in a wide range of different types of water sports such as windsurfing, sailing and fishing, while people who enjoy being active when they are on holiday will also be able to take part in a wide range of other types of outdoor activities here. Easy access is provided to Craigavon and the surrounding area by a railway line that runs through the countryside, while hiking and trekking are also popular ways to get around.

Things to see and do in Craigavon

Northern Ireland’s only artificial outdoor ski slope can be found set in an area of pretty woodland that provides the perfect backdrop. Visitors to Craigavon Golf Ski Centre will be able to spend time shooting down the three hundred feet ski slope before unwinding with a round or two of golf on the onsite golf course.

The large and lovely green zone of Craigavon City Park is the perfect place to unwind on a sunny day and covers an area of 180 hectares. Craigavon City Park features two pretty manmade lakes where visitors can enjoy a picnic while soaking up the scenery.

Lurgan Park – Craigavon, Northern Ireland

Lurgan Park is the second largest urban park in Ireland; the park is steeped in history dating back to the late 1700’s and in the past along with Lurgan Golf Club formed part of the Demesne of Lurgan House, now called Brownlow House.

Lurgan Park is the second largest park in the whole of Ireland and was established in the 18th century as a place for the people of Craigavon to gather. A number of impressive attractions can be found in Lurgan Park such as Brownlow House which is open to the public, while visitors can take a boat out on the lake here or unwind by enjoying a little fishing.

Situated on the edge of the nearby village of Maghery on the shores of Lough Neagh, Maghery Country Park is the perfect place to discover the area’s abundant flora and fauna. More than three miles of pretty country walks run through the park and there are plenty of spots to pause beside the lake and enjoy a picnic, while boat trips to Coney Island in the heart of the lake are also available here.

People who enjoy messing about on the water should not miss the chance to follow the Blackwater Canal Trail on Lake Neagh. The trail covers 15 miles and takes visitors past some of the most scenic spots in the area including Bond’s Bridge, Blackwatertown, The Argory, Verner’s Bridge and Maghery.

Climate conditions

People who want to spend time exploring the lush parks and other large and lovely green zones of Craigavon should head there in the summer months. There are lots of hot and sunny days to enjoy from June to August, while the spring generally offers plenty of sunshine as well.


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