Yorkshire Travel Guide

Situated in the north of England, Yorkshire is the largest county in England and boasts a long and rich history that is just waiting to be discovered. York is the largest city in the area and boasts a large number of interesting attractions for visitors to explore as well as modern amenities that help to make this the perfect place to use as a base. Yorkshire also features many other historic towns and villages that offer an insight into the unique culture of the region as well as large scenic areas for nature lovers to explore.

Things to see and do in Yorkshire

Yorkshire Dales – Yorkshire, England

Visitors enjoying the view from the limestone pavement at the top of Mallham Cove, Mallham, Yorkshire, UK.

Situated in the west of Yorkshire, North York Moors National Park is a large and lovely green zone that is just waiting to be explored. A large number of hiking and walking trails run through the impressive plateau and there are also plenty of stunning viewpoints where visitors can pause to enjoy a picnic and gaze out at the ocean.

Situated in North Yorkshire, the Yorkshire Dales are famous for their diverse natural beauty that combines rolling hills with areas of wild moorland, woodland, gentle valleys and dramatic landscapes. Strolling through the dales is an uplifting experience and they are scattered with tiny traditional villages for visitors to explore.

Aysgarth Falls – Yorkshire, England

Picturesque Aysgarth Upper Falls.

Nature lovers should make sure that they take a trip to check out the Aysgarth Falls, which is a set of enchanting waterfalls and rock formations. They are set in lush woodlands and boast some pretty hiking trails leading to them as well as spots to stop and enjoy a picnic.

The largest and wildest of the Yorkshire Dales, Wensleydale is scattered with natural beauty spots such as the waterfall of Hardrow Force. Visitors can also hike through the countryside to a set of major waterfalls called Aysgarth and take a stroll along the banks of the river Ure.

Wharfedale – Yorkshire, England

Picturesque view at Wharfedale, Yorkshire.

The river Ure also flows through Wharfedale, which is one of the longest dales in this part of the country. The area boasts a number of impressive historic buildings to explore such as the pretty Bolton Abbey, Bolton Priory and Clifford’s Tower, which commands stunning views of the surrounding area from the very top and should not be missed.

Climate conditions

Summer is the best time for nature lovers to explore Yorkshire as this season is blessed with plenty of warm and sunny days from June to August. However, rainfall is common even in the heart of the summer, so it is always best to bring along an umbrella or a raincoat.