Peak District Travel Guide

The Peak District is part of the Peak District National Park and is one of the most picturesque parks of England and can be found in the heart of the country. This is a popular destination of hikers and rock climbers and the area boasts lots of pretty trails to follow and rock faces to climb. Visitors to the Peak District will also find several traditional English villages to explore while getting to know this part of the country, while nearby cities such as Manchester and Sheffield make great places to use as a base and feature plenty of entertainment options.

Things to see and do in the Peak District

Peak District, England

A fresh Autumnal sunrise a long The Great Ridge in the English Peak District. A stone path that runs a long the ridge with a fence, bathed in vibrant golden light from the rising sun.

Situated in the enchanting Manifold Valley, the Dovedale River is the perfect place to enjoy a spot of fishing. This gently flowing river is teeming with fish and there plenty of scenic places where visitors can cast their line and unwind while they wait for a nibble.

The High Moors are perhaps the most rugged area of the Peak District and people who have plenty of stamina are sure to enjoy hiking through the High Moors. Kinder Scout is the highest point in the area and offers visitors stunning panoramic views from the very top.

High Moors – Peak District, England

A sheep and lamb graze on the hillside of Views the roaches, Staffordshire, England.

The Central Peaks region is ideal for novice hikers to explore as it boasts gentler terrain. The Wye and Derwent rivers both run through this part of the Peak District and there are some lovely villages to explore along the way.

Peak District, England

A group of young people hiking in the countryside of the Peak District National Park in northern England.

Ashbourne is one of the most charming towns in the area and features striking Georgian architecture to admire as well as narrow winding lanes to explore. Ashbourne also features plenty of traditional English tea shops and pubs where visitors can pause for a little refreshment before taking a stroll along Church Street.

The impressive Pennine Way walking trail runs for more than 260 miles and many sections can be found in the Peak District. Following parts of the Pennine Way is the perfect pastime for hikers of all experience levels and the going is generally fairly easy, while the scenery that can be enjoyed along the way is simply stunning. Visitors are advised to follow the trail from south to north so that the wind will always be behind them and there will not be too much of a chill factor.

Climate conditions

People who want to spend time exploring the wild natural beauty of the Peak District will find that the weather is generally warm and dry in the spring months and there are plenty of sunny days to be had in April and May, while temperatures tend to soar in July and August.