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Travel Guide – England

London Travel Guide

London is the beating heart of England and one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the whole of Europe. The city boasts diverse districts to explore such as Chinatown that offer an inside into the multicultural nature of the UK, while green zones such as Kew Garden and Hempstead Heath are just waiting to be explored. The city is also famous for its colourful nightlife zone which includes cool jazz bars to unwind in, traditional English pubs, nightclubs that come in all shapes and sizes and the impressive theatres that can be found in London’s West End district.

Things to see and do in London

London, England

The illuminated streets of London in the evening.

Many of London’s most iconic landmarks can be found along the banks of the River Thames and can be admire while walking beside the river. At one end is the impressive Houses of Parliament, while visitors who follow the footpath to the very end will come to the magnificent Tower Bridge.

London features some excellent art galleries and museums, many of which are open to the public free of charge. Impressive works of art by Old Masters can be found at the Tate, while the Tate Modern situated along the River Thames is a great place for lovers of contemporary art to spend an hour or two.

Camden Markets – London, England

Food vendor waits serves a customer at the Camden market with many people enjoying a sunny day in London.

Camden is London’s main alternative district and this makes it a fascinating place to explore. Several large market areas can be found at the Camden Markets that sell everything from arts and crafts to artisan bread, records and a weird and wonderful collection of clothes. Camden also boasts some cool pavement cafes where visitors can sit and do a little people watching.

Tower Bridge – London, England

Sunbathers crowd the lawn in front of Tower Bridge, London. Potters Fields Park is one of the last remaining green open spaces on the riverside, which makes it a magnet for strolling, picnics, and siestas.

Just behind the main market is a narrow footpath that winds its way along the canal network of Camden Locke. Grand houses complete with lush garden back onto the canal and people who take a stroll here will be able to see this section of London in a whole new way and gain an insight into true London life.

Greenwich Park – London, England

Relaxing in Greenwich Park overlooking London. Greenwich Park is the oldest enclosed Royal Park and is situated on a hilltop, it has great views over London including the Naval College, Canary Wharf, the Millennium Dome and the skyscrapers of the city of London.

Despite being a bustling city, London also boasts a large number of enchanting parks and gardens for visitors to explore. Perhaps one of the most picturesque is Greenwich Park, which is situated close to the River Thames. Visitors can climb the hill at the top of the park to take in stunning river views before checking out the world famous Greenwich Meridian Line.

Climate conditions

The best time to visit London is during the summer months of June, July and August. Temperatures at this time of year tend to be at their highest and this is a great place to wander through the city.

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