Chester Travel Guide

The city of Chester can be found on the banks of the River Dee in the north-western part of England. Although typically English, the city’s close proximity to the coastal region of north Wales gives the area an interesting flavour that helps to make it truly unique. Chester was once a Roman settlement and several impressive ruins can still be found here, while the scenic area surrounding the city features large and lovely gardens and stately homes to explore.

Things to see and do in Chester

Grosvenor Park – Chester, England

Entrance and formal gardens in Grosvenor Park in Chester. In the foreground are the red and bright green plants. Sunlight shines on the flowers providing saturated colours.

Covering an area of sixteen acres, Grosvenor Park is Chester’s largest green zone and the perfect place to explore on a sunny day. this is one of England’s oldest surviving Victorian Parks and visitors will have the chance to spot a wide range of different types of wildlife here including water hens, grey squirrels, robins, tree creepers and spotted fly catchers.

Animal lovers will also want to make sure that they take the time to pay a visit to Chester Zoo. This is the largest zoo in the whole of the United Kingdom and more than five hundred different animal species can be found here, while the zoo also comes complete with large and lovely gardens and excellent facilities.

Christmas at Chester, England

View of Chester Christmas lights. The lights can be seen spanning the road.

The oldest section of the city is surrounded by walls and visitors can wander along the top of the city walls to view Chester in a whole new way. Many of Chester’s most famous landmarks can be seen from the walls such as Chester Cathedral, which dates back to the 10th century and remains an important place of worship to this day.

The enchanting riverside promenade known as the Groves runs behind Grosvenor Park all the way to Old Hanbridge. This is a lovely open space that is the ideal spot to pause to enjoy a picnic while soaking up views of the River Dee and simply relaxing for a while.

River Dee – Chester, England

View of pedal boats on the River Dee at Chester. Cruise boats can be seen moored on the river with the Queens Park suspension bridge in the distance.

Hiring a rowing boat and going boating on the River Dee is an enchanting experience that should not be missed by anyone who loves messing about on the water and wants to view Chester in a whole new way. Guided boat trips are offered throughout the summer months and offer visitors the chance to sit back and relax while they see a number of local attractions including the impressive suspension bridge that spans the River Dee.

Climate conditions

People who want to explore Chester on foot and truly appreciate its natural beauty should visit in the spring or summer. The weather starts to heat up here in May, although July and August are typically the warmest months and offer plenty of hot and sunny days.