Cambridge Travel Guide

The charming city of Cambridge boasts more than two thousand years of history, most of which can be seen in its impressive buildings. Wandering along the narrow cobbled lanes of Cambridge is an uplifting experience and this is a good way to view many of the city’s famous colleges and chapel. The waters of the River Cam flow through Cambridge and this is the scene of the famous annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race. In addition to being surrounded by intense natural beauty, Cambridge also boasts several modern attractions for visitors to explore as well as a richly diverse nightlife scene.

Things to see and do in Cambridge

Many of Cambridge’s most famous buildings and other attractions can be viewed from the banks of the River Cam and this is the perfect place to unwind on a sunny day. Punting along the River Cam in a flat-bottomed boat is a traditional pastime that should not be missed by anyone who enjoys messing about on the water.

Kings College – Cambridge, England

Punting in Cambridge. In front view boats on the river with tourists, in background Kings Colledge, green grass and blue sunny sky.

The impressive Gothic structure of King’s College Chapel is instantly recognisable and this is perhaps the most famous building in the whole of Cambridge. Entrance to the chapel is free of charge and visitors who manage to time their trip to catch a performance by the chapel’s choir are sure to find that this is a very stirring experience.

Established back in 1846, the Botanic Garden of Cambridge University is a great place to relax on a sunny day. More than ten thousand species of botanic plants and flowers can be found here and there are lots of pretty sculpted floral paths for visitors to follow.

Market Square – Cambridge, England

People biking at the Market square near by St. Marys church in Cambridge.

Set in the very heart of the city, Christ’s Pieces is a typical Victorian style English park featuring long tree lined avenues for visitors to stroll along. There are lots of colourful ornamental flower beds to be found here as well as shady spots to sit and soak up the natural beauty of the area.

People who want to chance to discover how different types of wines are produced should pay a visit to Chilford Hall Vineyard. Tours are available of this working vineyard throughout the year and lucky visitors may even be able to score a few free samples along the way.

Climate conditions

The warmth and driest time of year in Cambridge is the summer and the months of June to August are ideal for exploring the city. Many festivals and other types of events are held during the summer months including the Cambridge Summer Music Festival, the Strawberry Fair and Midsummer Fair and this is a great time to celebrate English culture and music.