Bath Travel Guide

The historical city of Bath boasts a large number of impressive buildings for people who have an interest in history and culture to explore. While many people are drawn to the city in order to drink the mystical healing waters that the area is famous for, Bath also offers a modern centre that is packed with shops, restaurants and entertainment options. One of the great things about this charming city is that it is compact enough to explore on foot easily, while it is also surrounded by intense natural beauty that is just waiting to be discovered.

Things to see and do in Bath

Roman Baths – Bath, England

A view of tourists walking around the main pool at the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

The Roman Baths are the most famous and popular attraction in Bath and should not be missed. The Roman Baths were created more than two thousand years ago as a place for elite members of society to meet and relax. The Pump House has been carefully restored to its former glory and this is the perfect place to sip a cup of Bath’s famous restorative waters.

Another impressive city landmark is Poultney Bridge, which spans the gently flowing Avon River. narrow pathways run along both banks of the River Avon and this is a great place to take a stroll while watching the boats make their way along the water and a number of bars and restaurants can also be found here that make excellent places to pause for a while.

Poultney Bridge, River Avon – Bath, England

Poultney Bridge over the River Avon in the City of Bath in southwest England in the United Kingdom.

The magnificent Bath Abbey is situated in the very heart of the city and people who choose to climb to the top of the main tower of Bath Abbey will be treated to stunning panoramic views. The abbey is also noted for its striking architecture and one of the main highlights here is the impressive west window that is known as the Lantern of the West.

Park – Bath, England

Park in Historic Center of Bath, Somerset, England.

The large and lovely Avon Valley Country Park can be found just five miles from the heart of Bath and is a great place to spend a sunny day. visitors can strolling along the scenic riverside trail and will have the chance to spot a range of animals in their natural habitat.

Bath is the gateway to the Cotswolds, which is one of the most picturesque parts of England. Sprinkled with tiny villages, narrow winding lanes, gently flowing streams and traditional thatched cottages, exploring the Cotswolds provides the perfect insight into what makes England so special.

Climate conditions

The sunny summer months are the perfect time to explore Bath and the months of June, July and August boast plenty of hot and dry days that are sure to appeal to nature lovers.