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Saint David’s Day

Saint David’s Day 2025 and 2026

Saint David’s Day is observed across Wales every 1 March. Like Saint George’s Day in England, Saint David’s Day is not a bank holiday in Wales. Nevertheless, this patron saint day is widely celebrated across the country of Wales in amongst work and school activities.

20251 MarSatSaint David's Day
20261 MarSunSaint David's Day
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The Saint David in question is not King David of the Bible but a man who lived in Wales during the Sixth Century A.D. He is said to have been a gentle giant who fed on a frugal diet and whose mother was a niece of the legendary King Arthur.

Saint David is thought to have founded churches in parts of the UK and to eventually have become a bishop. Many make an annual pilgrimage to Saint David’s Monastery and Cathedral in Wales on his feast day.

Although shops remain open and schools do too, there are often special programs held at school concerning Saint David and special cultural events that many get away from work to attend sometime during the day. It is customary to wear a daffodil on your clothing in Wales on 1 March, and at some events kids may dress up in traditional Welsh-style clothes.

There may also be parades, church services, choir performances, reading of Welsh literature, and display of the Welsh flag.

Previous Years

20241 MarFriSaint David's Day
20231 MarWedSaint David's Day