Easter Monday 2015

20156 AprilMondayEngland, Wales &
Northern Ireland

Easter Monday is the day after Resurrection Sunday (Easter Sunday) and the last day of the four-day Easter weekend for all of the UK except Scotland. In Scotland, Easter Monday is a not a public holiday. The date of Easter Monday varies each year depending on the date of the latest full moon – see Good Friday for more information.

Easter falls at the beginning of two weeks of school holidays so many families holiday and enjoy the beginning of the warmer weather. For people who have gone away for the long Easter weekend only, this is usually the day they return and there is often a lot of congestion on motorways and on public transport.

Around the UK, various communities and villages run events, either as one-off’s or as a part of their sporting season. In London on Easter Monday, a 10k run is held to raise funds for the Children’s Trust. This event is held at Regent’s park and includes a Children’s Race and an adults’ Fun Run.

In Devon, the Teignmouth Scouts hold the Teignmouth Rabbit Run – a fun run of about 1.5 miles by people wearing rabbits’ ears and tail, as a fundraiser. In Ireland, Belvedere House holds an Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. And the Point-to-Point week of horse racing in West Wales begins on Easter Monday.

Easter Monday is a day of no religious or national significance and is enjoyed as a public and bank holiday. Businesses are generally closed, but most shops are open and they usually trade at the same hours as on Sundays.