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Public holidays, observed throughout the United Kingdom, are required holidays when most businesses and non-essential services close down. These holidays were first officially observed when the 1871 Act designated specific public holidays in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Public holidays in the UK include New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Early May Bank holiday, Spring Bank holiday, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Summer Bank holiday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Bank holidays are holidays when banks and many other businesses are closed for the day. However public holidays are also referred to as bank holidays, with the two terms often used interchangeably. Bank holidays are legally known to observe closures of bank and financial institutions. Even though all banks are closed on official bank holidays, many shops remain open.

Workers don’t have an automatic right to paid leave on bank and public holidays in the UK, though most people receive a paid day off work. If a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the holiday is normally postponed to the following week day, which is then referred to as a “substitute public holiday” or an “observed holiday.”

Across the UK there are increasing calls for a public holiday on the patron saint’s days such as St. Patrick’s Day, which is already recognized as a holiday. In Scotland, other more localized public holidays based on local tradition can be determined by local authorities. For example, since 2007, St. Andrew’s Day has been an alternative, voluntary public holiday, which replaces existing public holiday.

Despite the horrendous British weather, many people use public holidays in the winter months to take off for a long weekend. This can make traffic on the roads a nightmare, but people are willing to rough it out to check out the museums, historic houses, zoos and other public attractions that remain open in other, more urban areas of Britain and the UK.

Public Holidays/Bank Holidays 2014

1 JanuaryWednesdayNew Year's DayNational
2 JanuaryThursday2nd JanuaryScotland
17 MarchMondaySt Patrick's DayNorthern Ireland
18 AprilFridayGood FridayNational
21 AprilMondayEaster MondayNational except Scotland
5 MayMondayEarly May Bank HolidayNational
26 MayMondaySpring Bank HolidayNational
14 JulyMondayBattle of the Boyne
(Orangemen's Day)
(Subtitute Day)
Northern Ireland
4 AugustMondaySummer Bank HolidayScotland
25 AugustMondaySummer Bank HolidayNational except Scotland
30 NovemberSundaySt. Andrew's DayScotland
1 DecemberMondaySt. Andrew's Day
(Substitute Day)
25 DecemberThursdayChristmas DayNational
26 DecemberFridayBoxing DayNational

Public Holidays/Bank Holidays 2015

1 JanuaryThursdayNew Year's DayNational
2 JanuaryFriday2nd JanuaryScotland
17 MarchTuesdaySt Patrick's DayNorthern Ireland
3 AprilFridayGood FridayNational
6 AprilMondayEaster MondayNational except Scotland
4 MayMondayEarly May Bank HolidayNational
25 MayMondaySpring Bank HolidayNational
13 JulyMondayBattle of the Boyne (Orangemen's Day) (Subtitute Day)Northern Ireland
3 AugustMondaySummer Bank HolidayScotland
31 AugustMondaySummer Bank HolidayNational except Scotland
30 NovemberMondaySt. Andrew's DayScotland
25 DecemberFridayChristmas DayNational
26 DecemberSaturdayBoxing DayNational
28 DecemberMondayBoxing Day
(Substitute Day)